Thursday, April 5, 2012

Assignment 9- my dream school

A school that I would like to go to after I graduate would be Irvine Valley College. I would like to go there because I heard that they have have good art programs and I want to study in graphic design. Whats nice about that school is that it's not in a place surrounded by buildings, theres just fields and little hills around it. So it seems pretty calm to be going there. They also have good relations with UCI and a lot of their end up going there so if I ever want to major in something bigger, it would be easy for me to transfer to UCI.
Another good thing about this school is that it's closer to home. I wouldn't have to travel longer and pay more for gas if I were to end up going there. I'll be closer to my family too so when theres vacations, I wouldn't have to buy an airplane ticket or something to go visit them and spend more money on that. I also wouldn't have to be renting out a dorm or an apartment I can just be at home. I will still have to be paying for rent but not as much if I ere to be somewhere else. If you want to learn more about this college you can go to this website.

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