Friday, March 30, 2012

assignment #7 My future in 5 years

After I graduate I want to go to college to study graphic design and maybe automotive. The colleges that I have in mind are OCC,IVC, and Golden West. OCC is closer to home and has a good art program and clothing program but I don't think that they have graphic design. The other colleges are further from home but those colleges have what I want. I also want to go talk to a clothing warehouse manager or store to see how they run their company. I want to do all these things because within 5 years I want to be graduating from college and owning or starting a clothing company. I have had that on my mind for a while already and have been wanting to start on it already but I don't have the equipment and still need some more skills to work on too. I hear about kids around my age that have started their company already and you can sort of tell that they are going to be known in the future and have more success because they started at an early age. That's why I want to start working on it already so that in 5 years I'll be mostly set.
In 5 years I want to see my clothes being worn or talked about out in the streets. I want to see stickers of my company on the back windows of cars like what people are doing with illest company. I want my next 5 years to run smoothly and head to the path that I'm hoping to reach to become successful. I also want to own a garage so that me and other people helping out in the company can build project cars that they had in mind. All this can be achieved if I were to start working on it now like what other kids are doing these days. I also want my clothing to be sold in other stores like active were a lot of kids my age go to buy stuff. Also I want to have my own little shop some were around Orange County so people can come by and see whats new and also see what OC is like and not only think about LA. 5 years seems like if it's far away but by then I already want to be either starting or mostly done with what I want to do.

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