Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Assignment #16

Maine is one of those states that I would just consider visiting but not to live there. I wouldn't want to live there because I'm already so used to Southern California. A lot of people wish that they could live here but some can't because it's expensive or maybe their parents don't want too. I know that it's expensive but I think it's worth it.
Something that surprised me in this article was that they said 2011 was the most peaceful year the the United States has had in 20 years. I would be watching the news and it will show some pretty violent stuff on there and crimes that I never seen before so I thought that nothing would change. Also that the murder rate has dropped 50% since 1991. I felt like if it would be rising because thats all I hear most of the times on news articles or on television.
Maine does seem peaceful but it also seems kind of boring to be there. There are some historical landmarks there that I would like to see maybe if they are interesting but I wouldn't stay there forever. California has a lot of places that you can go too and have fun but maine just seems boring. California isn't on the top 5 most peaceful states but not all of california is bad. Another reason why I wouldn't want to live there is because of the weather. Here you get that cool warm climate that you can't really get anywhere else and there it seems like if it's cold all the time.
I like to live in places where they have a lot to offer you. Like warm climate, lots of people, and beaches. Maine does have beaches but they don't seem so warm. Here it's warm most of the time and plus we live really close to the beach. Theres lots of amusement parks around here too and a fair that comes here every year. I've never been to Maine and I don't really know how things work there it just seems boring to be living there. I would be enjoying the historical place but that would probably be it.

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