Monday, April 30, 2012

Assignment #20

The movie that I chose is The Change Up. It's not my favorite movie but it was the last movie that I saw that made me laugh. I thought the movie was funny but Roger Ebert didn't think so at all. He says that the movie is one of the dirtiest minded mainstream releases in history. I personally think that stuff like that is hilarious but he obviously doesn't.

He also says that the characters in this movie act pretty dumb but I think that's the point because it's a comedy. It's supposed to be funny and they also act pretty stupid because they have switched bodies and they have to act like the other person. So they are acting like that because they don't know how to act with their different bodies and they are also trying not to mess up each others lives. I think Roger goes way into depth to the point where he didn't find any parts of the movie funny and asked to many questions about the parts in the movie.
Another thing that he said was that if you enjoyed this movie you are not fairly considered an adult. This movie is based around some sexual comedy and there are a lot of shows that have a lot of sexual comedy in it and people still find them Hilarious. Theres a show that comes on T.V called Two and a half Men and most of their stuff is based around comedy kind of like The Change Up. But that doesn't mean that people who enjoy that show are not considered adults even though most of their viewers are adults. This movie isn't my favorite of all times but it has to be one of the funniest movies I seen recently.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Assignment #19

The charity that I chose this time is AAUSS (Adopt A U.S. Soldier). This is a non-profit organization that has been around for at least seven years. It helps shows the men and women fighting in war that they are not unnoticed. It helps you connect with soldiers at war and also they have helped thousands of soldiers find friendship so they wouldn't feel alone or  abandoned This organization is active in 100 countries and it helps you show that you support them through war.

I chose this charity because I have family members joining the military or who are going to join the military. The most recent one was my cousin who joined the marines and my uncle and aunt looked pretty sad because he wasn't going to be around anymore. So this organization would help out my cousin and other soldiers who are away from home. Another person who wants too join the military is my brother. I don't tell him anything to make him back down, it's his decision but my mom seems like if she is going to be hurt when it's time for him to leave. My mom wouldn't want him to feel alone out there and through this charity he won't be alone. It shows that someone actually cares for what he is doing for the country. I'm pretty sure that no soldier wants to feel alone during war and knowing that he is fighting for a country.  So it would make him feel better by receiving messages from someone who actually cares and supports that soldier.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Assignment #18 Being Charitable

The charity that I chose is ASPCA. This is a charity where they try to stop cruelty of animals and criminals that are treating bad. The charity was founded on 1866 by Henry Bergh on the belief that animals have to be treated correctly at the hands of humans and must be protected under the law. ASPCA is privately funded and has over 1 million supporters in the United States.

I chose this charity because I always see it on T.V. and at some points it really hits me. It makes you think of how these pets ended up on such bad hands and that why would a person even think of treating their own pets in such a way. I understand that sometimes you just can't take care of your pet anymore but that doesn't mean that you have to go dump them on the side of a freeway. You can easily put up an ad and try to give the pet away to someone who really wants one. Also you don't have to torture them or kill them just to get rid of them.

Another reason why I chose this charity is because of an experience that I had with a cat that I used to have. We couldn't have her in the house anymore so we gave it to one of my Moms friend because she really wanted a cat. We gave it to her because we knew that she would take really good care of it and she did until they had to move to a place where they don't allow pets. So she had to give it away and put it up on craigslist. Out of everyone that could of have gotten the cat, one of my worst friends got it and she didn't know who he was. The kid ended up losing the cat or doing something with her but it keeps me wondering where she is at. Maybe she is still alive out on the streets or maybe my idiot friend, that annoys me and I tell him off most of the times I see him, did something with her. What ever happened I feel bad for it and thats why I think this charity is important. So that they can take care of those pets that accidentally ended up on the wrong hands.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Assignment #17

I don't smoke cigarettes. I have never smoked cigarettes in the past or planning too in the future. Friends of mine have offered me them but I never take it. Growing up I was around a lot of smokers but I still don't do it at all. My Dad, Uncle, Neighbor, and friends of theirs would smoke daily and I would always be around it but it never seemed like a good thing too do at that time. 
I remember seeing my Dad keep going out too smoke a cigarette almost every hour and trying to hide them behind a bush so my Mom wouldn't see. Later on I found out that he wasn't smoking just cigarettes with his friends and family members but also weed. When I was young I thought that his joints were cigarettes but my Mom ended up telling me when I got older. I don't really see my Dad now but I've that he quit doing all of that. I also have friends that smoke cigarettes a lot but I don't care, thats what they want to do. I don't really mind it now when they are smoking around me but one thing that I don't like is when they smoke in my car. They respect that though and I do too. When they feel like smoking I just park somewhere and let them do their thing.
There just something about me that doesn't attract me to cigarettes. I've never craved one when I'm stressed or bored. I just don't like them. Another reason why I don't smoke is because of the after smell it leaves you when you are done smoking and the way your breathe smells. When I go somewhere, I don't want to be walking around smelling like cigarettes and having bad breathe. I don't care if my friends that I'm with smell like that as long as I'm not. 
In my opinion, I don't really care if people smoke or not as long as it isn't in my car. They can do whatever they want. I don't go bragging around saying that it's bad for your health. I know that it's bad for you but I still don't say anything to my friends. Maybe I'm going to have lung problems too because of all the second hand smoking from them but as long as I'm not doing it it's all cool to me. Some people really crave one though when they are stressed for something and I can understand that but some people just do it too look cool or maybe they are already addicts. Either way I don't go up to them and slap the cigarettes off their mouths and lecture them about their health, some people just truly need to smoke here and there and I don't mind that at all.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Assignment #16

Maine is one of those states that I would just consider visiting but not to live there. I wouldn't want to live there because I'm already so used to Southern California. A lot of people wish that they could live here but some can't because it's expensive or maybe their parents don't want too. I know that it's expensive but I think it's worth it.
Something that surprised me in this article was that they said 2011 was the most peaceful year the the United States has had in 20 years. I would be watching the news and it will show some pretty violent stuff on there and crimes that I never seen before so I thought that nothing would change. Also that the murder rate has dropped 50% since 1991. I felt like if it would be rising because thats all I hear most of the times on news articles or on television.
Maine does seem peaceful but it also seems kind of boring to be there. There are some historical landmarks there that I would like to see maybe if they are interesting but I wouldn't stay there forever. California has a lot of places that you can go too and have fun but maine just seems boring. California isn't on the top 5 most peaceful states but not all of california is bad. Another reason why I wouldn't want to live there is because of the weather. Here you get that cool warm climate that you can't really get anywhere else and there it seems like if it's cold all the time.
I like to live in places where they have a lot to offer you. Like warm climate, lots of people, and beaches. Maine does have beaches but they don't seem so warm. Here it's warm most of the time and plus we live really close to the beach. Theres lots of amusement parks around here too and a fair that comes here every year. I've never been to Maine and I don't really know how things work there it just seems boring to be living there. I would be enjoying the historical place but that would probably be it.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Assignment #14

If had the choice to go anywhere in the world for a vacation, I would choose Venice, Italy. I've always wanted to visit Italy but Venice sounds like a really relaxing place to visit in Italy. It's a one of a kind place to visit because theres very little roads there and mostly made up of canals so the main transportation there is on boat.
Another good thing that Italy has is their food. Italian food taste good already here in the United States so most likely it would taste even better at Italy. Whats nice about the restaurants over there is that they are next to the canals and some canals have nice views. With a date or without I still think it would be nice to eat in one of those restaurants. Although I would rather prefer being with someone.
Transportation there is a one kind way to get around. If you are in the maritime portion of Venice it is mostly composed of canals. So you either get around by foot or by a boat. I think getting a ride to your hotel in a boat is a really cool experience. Also you can see other thing that Venice has to offer on the way.
The best parts for me during the visit would be walking around venice at night. I don't know how venice is but it seems like if theres always people out at night and I like when places are like that. Walking down the grand canal and seeing whats around would be something that I would be doing every night that I'm there. Also walking through the little pathways there would be cool but I'd rather be somewhere with more foot traffic for safety reasons.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Assignment #13 My Spring Break

I didn't do as much as my other spring breaks this time. During spring break I mostly stayed home and watched television or played video games and that was pretty much all. I did go out with my friends sometimes but some of them would want me to go somewhere with them and I wold deny them. They would get mad but I wouldn't care, I just wasn't in the mood.

My main goal during the week of was to do some community service hours but I ended up not doing that either. I kept waking up late and didn't have time to go do my hours. I kept saying to my self that I was going to wake up early the next day but it wouldn't happen. I also had a list of places that can give community service hours and their numbers but I didn't bother to call them.

One of my friends came over to my house on during the break trying to convince me to go to a punk show. Even though thats not my type of scene I've always wanted to go to one just to experience it but for some reason I was feeling it that day. He didn't get mad because I told him that I would let him sleep over if he can't find a place to stay if the show ends late. When he came to my house he kept saying that I missed out and that it was really chill but I still didn't care, I just didn't feel like going at that time.

I did end up going to the beach but it wasn't really that cool either. There was also a party that I went to were a lot of my friends from my old school were at but from some reason I was still not really enjoying it. This spring break was probably one of my most boring ones because usually I go out a lot with friends but this time I wasn't really in the mood. I think it was because I was just coming out of a really bad sickness and just ruined it for me.