Friday, April 27, 2012

Assignment #19

The charity that I chose this time is AAUSS (Adopt A U.S. Soldier). This is a non-profit organization that has been around for at least seven years. It helps shows the men and women fighting in war that they are not unnoticed. It helps you connect with soldiers at war and also they have helped thousands of soldiers find friendship so they wouldn't feel alone or  abandoned This organization is active in 100 countries and it helps you show that you support them through war.

I chose this charity because I have family members joining the military or who are going to join the military. The most recent one was my cousin who joined the marines and my uncle and aunt looked pretty sad because he wasn't going to be around anymore. So this organization would help out my cousin and other soldiers who are away from home. Another person who wants too join the military is my brother. I don't tell him anything to make him back down, it's his decision but my mom seems like if she is going to be hurt when it's time for him to leave. My mom wouldn't want him to feel alone out there and through this charity he won't be alone. It shows that someone actually cares for what he is doing for the country. I'm pretty sure that no soldier wants to feel alone during war and knowing that he is fighting for a country.  So it would make him feel better by receiving messages from someone who actually cares and supports that soldier.

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