Thursday, April 19, 2012

Assignment #14

If had the choice to go anywhere in the world for a vacation, I would choose Venice, Italy. I've always wanted to visit Italy but Venice sounds like a really relaxing place to visit in Italy. It's a one of a kind place to visit because theres very little roads there and mostly made up of canals so the main transportation there is on boat.
Another good thing that Italy has is their food. Italian food taste good already here in the United States so most likely it would taste even better at Italy. Whats nice about the restaurants over there is that they are next to the canals and some canals have nice views. With a date or without I still think it would be nice to eat in one of those restaurants. Although I would rather prefer being with someone.
Transportation there is a one kind way to get around. If you are in the maritime portion of Venice it is mostly composed of canals. So you either get around by foot or by a boat. I think getting a ride to your hotel in a boat is a really cool experience. Also you can see other thing that Venice has to offer on the way.
The best parts for me during the visit would be walking around venice at night. I don't know how venice is but it seems like if theres always people out at night and I like when places are like that. Walking down the grand canal and seeing whats around would be something that I would be doing every night that I'm there. Also walking through the little pathways there would be cool but I'd rather be somewhere with more foot traffic for safety reasons.

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