Monday, April 30, 2012

Assignment #20

The movie that I chose is The Change Up. It's not my favorite movie but it was the last movie that I saw that made me laugh. I thought the movie was funny but Roger Ebert didn't think so at all. He says that the movie is one of the dirtiest minded mainstream releases in history. I personally think that stuff like that is hilarious but he obviously doesn't.

He also says that the characters in this movie act pretty dumb but I think that's the point because it's a comedy. It's supposed to be funny and they also act pretty stupid because they have switched bodies and they have to act like the other person. So they are acting like that because they don't know how to act with their different bodies and they are also trying not to mess up each others lives. I think Roger goes way into depth to the point where he didn't find any parts of the movie funny and asked to many questions about the parts in the movie.
Another thing that he said was that if you enjoyed this movie you are not fairly considered an adult. This movie is based around some sexual comedy and there are a lot of shows that have a lot of sexual comedy in it and people still find them Hilarious. Theres a show that comes on T.V called Two and a half Men and most of their stuff is based around comedy kind of like The Change Up. But that doesn't mean that people who enjoy that show are not considered adults even though most of their viewers are adults. This movie isn't my favorite of all times but it has to be one of the funniest movies I seen recently.

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