Thursday, April 5, 2012

assignment #5 My Time At Back Bay

I already knew since the summer of 2011, before starting junior year, that I was going to end up at Back Bay High School because of my credits from my years before. I never told my mom and my councilor never told me but I was already expecting it. When they finally told me that I wasn't going to make it at Costa Mesa High School and that they have to send me to Back Bay, I was kind of scared. I was scared because I knew that my mom will get really mad , which she did, and because I thought it was really bad school were really bad kids go to but I was wrong.

My experiences here at back bay have been my best in any of my high school years. Even though in my 10th grade year I did fool around a lot and have some good memories from it, Back Bay tops it all. What I like about Back Bay are the teachers and the staff. Here they actually talk to you and you are not  embarrassed to have full on conversations with them in class or in the hall ways and you treat them like of they were your friends.

The school has a really chill vibe to it and now I don't brag about waking up for school now. People think that only dumb kids or bad street kids come here but they don't know anything about the school and about us and why we ended up here. Here the classes are small which is a really good thing because now you don't have that many distractions and you can actually get your work done not like in other high schools were the classes are pact. Also since it's a small school you basically know almost everyone. It's easier to make friends here too since it's really small school. There is nothing really that I dislike about this school except that it's to far away from home so when I don't have my car, I have to walk for a long time.

I'm going to miss Back Bay because it's the school that actually helped me out and the school that I'm going to graduate from. I have friends that have had graduated from Back Bay and they tell me that it's a fun graduation. I also here that from teachers here at the school. This school also makes it easier for you to get financial aid which is a good thing in these times. Hopefully by coming out of this school I will be successful in life because of all the help it gave me.

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