Thursday, March 22, 2012

Assignment #3 My Favorite Thing

Something that I like would be art or the building of something from scratch. A type of creation that I've recently got into was car modifications and the way that they have their own unique style or form. There are lots of ways to modify your vehicle performance wise, body wise, or both. A lot of companies are starting to come up from around this genre.
A style the is getting well known around car modifications would be "Slamming" your car or what it's getting known as "Hellaflush." This is were people start to tuck their tires into the fenders by fender pulling and fender rolling and making all other sorts of modifications so it could have that Hellaflush look. To some the car would look really stupid but to others it looks really nice. There are websites that show these slammed cars for example this website or this website which were the founders of Hellaflush.
 I really like these types of creations because none of the cars are the same and they are all built differently. It's like driving your canvas that you painted. Many people are out there driving really nice expensive cars like a mercedes which of course anyone would want to own but seeing a car that is modified, slammed or not, and has other kinds of work will most likely make more heads turn out on the road because you have never seen a car like that and most likely you won't see another exactly like it. It's a cool movement that is getting known but only attracts certain people not everyone.

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